The world of SEO can be very confusing if you haven’t looked into it before, but Contact Media can help! We offer a wide range of SEO marketing services for your business and have extensive experience in SEO for business.

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, it's imperative that your website is correctly optimised for SEO. More than just link building, SEO is the foundation block on which your website should be built to ensure that you are ranking for the keywords your customers are searching for.

 If you already have a website but it hasn’t been built with SEO in mind then we can carry out a full audit and apply improvements. If you have a website which was built by us at Contact Media you can be sure that your site has been fully optimised!

Our SEO services include:

    • On-page SEO
Our experienced SEO team assess the structure and content of your website to make recommendations and work with you or your development team to implement the required fixes. We use SEO tools and resources that can demonstrate the areas which need to be or have been improved.

    • Off-page SEO
We can investigate the best sources of off-page SEO for your business, including but not limited to blogging, directory submissions and link building.

    • Reporting
We use Google Analytics as well as other tools to track your website traffic and ensure that the traffic you are receiving is landing on the right page and is of value to your business

If you would like assistance with SEO for your business please get in touch with us today for a free review and quote, or SEO experts would be happy to help!