Contact Media offer full Social Media Marketing Services across the best social networks, allowing you to utilise the popularity of social media for your business and start driving traffic, engagement and sales!

When you think of social media you instantly think of leading networks like Facebook and Twitter, but there are many more social networks which you can take advantage of, depending on your business needs.

Making a success of your social media marketing isn’t easy, get it wrong and it could be hugely detrimental for your business! Getting it right can be difficult, especially when you have a business to run, so leave it to the experts at Contact Media.

We have a huge range of different social media marketing services available to you depending on your business goals, as an example, we offer:

    • Brand Design & Management
    • Social Tone
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Social Media PPC Campaigns
    • Social PR
    • Reporting & Analysis

Are you a startup business? If the answer is yes we can start from scratch with complete brand design and social channel creation, alongside a robust social media strategy including full reporting set up which will help us identify and inform future activity.

In addition to this we also offer Content Creation, so that you can share informed, relevant content on your social media networks which has been written specifically to meet your goals - whether that is increased engagement or customer orders.

We take the time to fully understand what it is that you are looking to achieve from your social media networks before we provide you with an idea of prices and timelines. So, contact our team today to discuss how Contact Media can assist your business via robust Social Media Marketing solutions.